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         With the engine stopped, open the throttles and look into the carbs. If you can see a choke slide, it is probably worn and become detached from it's plunger (not an uncommon problem). This would cause that cylinder to run on full choke.

Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Re: 1927 ew 600 handlebars
« Last post by Pops600 on Yesterday at 04:13 »
thanks jonathan, sounds like thats my best bet so i know they arent going to give me any more grief, these old ones crumbled like paper  :o
Is it black smoke or oily blue smoke? It sounds to me that it might be running very rich, and possibly wetting the plugs
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: New owner
« Last post by eddie on 20 Sep 2017 at 14:08  »
        If your bike has been laying idle for some time, the dynamo may be giving no charge because it has lost it's residual magnetism. To re-instate the magnetism, remove the wires from the dynamo, then with another length of wire, connect the 'F' terminal to the live side of the battery for a few seconds, then replace the 2 wires and start the engine. Providing the voltage control box is OK, a charge should show on the ammeter.

Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Re: 1927 ew 600 handlebars
« Last post by Jonathan on 19 Sep 2017 at 23:21  »
Hi Pops600

I used jim Brownley 03 9761 9217 from Kilsyth (Victoria, Aust.) Jim is a General Engineer I believe.
He did a wonderful job of my EW600 handlebars.  Just send him your bars and he will make new ones.
His price was very reasonable.  (also does exhausts)
Jonathan (Geelong)

My name is Nigel.

At last , my Douglas is on the road (it has been a long road)But i have forgotten the time as I am now riding along with that twin sound track all around. Its fantastic! In fact my mouth hurts from smiling so much.
However when starting now (very easy by the way) it seems to cut out almost straight away.
I thought it might be fuel so I have topped up.
If i rev the bike while stationary the sweeping exhaust going into the engine starts smoking.There is a little smoke coming out of the exhaust too.(same side)
I have checked the condition of the inside of the exhaust and is, i can only describe this as black gunge.
With the Hinckley (Leics) Motorshow on this Sunday (23/09) i was hoping to roar in with normally the only Douglas there!
Would anyone know if i can check anything before Sunday or do you think this may be engine internals?

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice

Nigel Hughes

Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / 1927 ew 600 stand
« Last post by Pops600 on 19 Sep 2017 at 04:47  »
hi, needing a 1927 ew 600 stand as mine was cracked,bent and broken. if someone could make me a copy of theirs or sell me a spare would be great.
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / 1927 ew 600 handlebars
« Last post by Pops600 on 19 Sep 2017 at 04:32  »
hi, chasing as set of douglas 1927 ew 600 handle bars as mine have snapped on the left side where they bend upwards.
any help chasing a second hand set or a place that have experience making this kind of thing from scratch would be appreciated.
magic way to travel more concentration needed than my 1200cc BMW and its more modern when stopped at junctions the engine stops as well
recommended upgrade: a lump of mahogany as a back brake shoe
looking for a Dragonfly, for my father. His first bike.
Is this still for sale? O do you know of another one, preferably a project, like this one
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