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Thanks for the info thats good then if it is only a matter of reaming them i was concerned there would not be enough left or would need replacing regards LBHill
Douglas Racers and Racing History / Douggie Dumpford.
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I can't guarantee the correct spelling, but here goes. As a teenager in Southampton in the 60s my pal had a neighbour who owned a vintage Douglas racer (?). The above named gent. claimed to have been a TT racer. From his age probably in the 20s or 30s although my memory of him is rather vague. Has anyone ever heard of him?
Thanks, Dave.
Hi, just so as to know what heat resistant grade of Tufnol to buy could anybody please tell me what sort of temperature the material needs to withstand in this particular area. Thanks, Paul J
Be careful, I could be wrong, but something tells me that the Douglas flanges are smaller than the standard 274 carb.
Hi, just checked with Amal and yes, your right, the studs for this size spacer are 2 inches apart, on the Douglas carb the holes are about one and a half inches apart. Are these easy to make?
I replaced mine with CB750 pistons. The small end bushes will ream out OK leaving thin wall bushes. I also used all 3 rings on the piston too but run a small amount of 2 stroke oil in the petrol as a fail safe. The bike has done a couple of thousand miles trouble free.
You may need to chamfer the top outer edge of the piston and take a few thou off the crown. It is worth measuring the crown to head clearance and matching them.
Hi All

Before anyone makes the suggestion - the LDMCC Registrar has already confirmed that the club has no record of this bike so Rick is hoping that someone out there will know where it is currently located.

Be careful, I could be wrong, but something tells me that the Douglas flanges are smaller than the standard 274 carb.
Morning to One & All

Recently bought a 57 Dragonfly which I'm thoroughly enjoying riding & maintaining, now think of buying a very early 1900 Douglas 2 3/4hp 350cc, have read a number of articles but I'd like to know for the members of the forum their experience, do's, don't's, what problems I may encounter, rallies & rides I can enter??

Thank you for your replies in advance.

Jeff Swann
Hello all about to purchase Honda CB 750 pistons to repair Ew  350 engine the question i have is that the cb 750 sc pistons have a 15 mm piston pin is the ew connecting rod little end capable of being machined out to suit replacement bush for the 15 mm pin as there doesnt seem to be alot of meat there to take out with the old original bushes removed  Regards LB Hill
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Re: Brake arm shaft required
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