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I believe that the LDMCC has these in stock - I have bought them from the club in the past
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Douglas 350 1922 footboard rubber
« Last post by nf79 on Yesterday at 11:03 »

Can anybody help me? How can i buy footboard rubber?


Let me check - I might still have a pair of Douglas/P&H head lamp brackets.

Thanks again Leon. Looks like I have a headlight on the way soon.

If anyone comes across other P&H electric light system components please remember me and post to this thread.
Special Events / Re: National Veteran Motorcycle Rally 2017, Australia
« Last post by Ian on Yesterday at 02:50 »
Can't wait - unfortunately will be on lesser machines though as I don't have a veteran Douglas. Kevin will be there with his 3.5
              As I said in my previous posting, I would be inclined to fill the window in the quadrant. Early Douglas parts (including the kickstart quadrants) tended to be somewhat lightweight - resulting in some premature breakage. This was probably found to be the case with the EW - hence heavier weight, solid quadrants on later versions. Having been welded and still having the window, your quadrant will be a little softer and more prone to flexing under load - filling the window will prevent that flexing.

To complete this post , here is a photo of the welded quadrant (and a patch on the silencer which was done at the same time). Fingers crossed it will hold and thanks for everyone's help. George
the manual specifies Castrol XL - which prewar was an SAE straight 30w oil for the engine.

gearbox a few threads already :

in Australia I bought some penrite transoil 250 for my box - yet to put it in though ....magneto to fix first ....
Hello there,
After reading the manual I am hopeful that someone can clarify two more questions I have in regards to the oil of the engine and transmission.  I am guessing that when first trying to start the engine, that any oil should be drained from the crankcase and then to be certain that there is enough oil in the engine is to pump the handle on the gas tank 3 times and then leaving the plunger in the extended position (of course after filling the oil tank on top).  Also,  I am not certain how much gerar oil should be in the gear box ?  Any suggestions on the type of oil and gear oil would be most appreciated as well.
thanks very much
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