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I have repaired my (cork) taps always by myself and think cork is resistant the new fluel.
Members' Gallery / Re: WWII Gen set
« Last post by douglas1947 on Today at 12:50 »
I have also a Douglas stationary engine (and 3 T35 bikes).
I think this rocker covers should be made by BSA.
Hi Eddie      thank you very much.

Regards. Colin
         Have the bike standing on it's wheels when you undo the bottom cap nuts, then there will not be any load on the caps. The very fine threads can easily be damaged if the caps are resisting spring pressure. Nothing should fall out (other than the oil!).
Can someone please advise me I would like to drain the oil from my Mk5 front forks and refill with a lighter grade ,the manual says to do this you undo the large aluminium bottom end cap item 39 of plate24, does anything drop out or are the caps under any sort of inside tension,if the caps are reluctant to undo any advice to release them also welcome.

Regards. Colin
Douglas Motorcycles - General Discussion / Re: 1926 EW350CC
« Last post by Eric S on Today at 09:09 »
Hello there.
The EW is still available with Andy's bikes. I let it for now as I am working on different projects.
In the meantime however I came across a nice CW at about 10.000
What is the difference between the EC and EW?
I know what you mean but he has some good stuff for post war classics.
Dear Alan,
I don't suppose you have any of your Douglas metal saddle pans left please? I have the frame and I can manage the leather covering and stitching over here in the UK?
If not, could you post some photos of your saddle pan steel mould please?
Best wishes,
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Re: 1915 exhaust system
« Last post by roger h on Yesterday at 23:05 »
Does anyone have a drawing or sketch of the 1915 onwards expansion box, showing the pipes curling in? - I could make some if I knew the sizes/shapes?
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts Wanted / Re: saddle for 1915 2 3/4
« Last post by roger h on Yesterday at 23:01 »
Thanks Leon,
I've now managed to buy a saddle frame on e bay, but still need the sheet steel pan. I may make one in fibreglass using my pals saddle as a mould, the fibreglass won't be visible when finished, as both sides of the pan will be covered in leather.
After I bought the saddle frame, I watched a complete original saddle being sold on e bay, stayed at 102 for 5 days, then finally went to 341 - in the last 30 seconds - !!
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